2021 yz250x

Inthe motocross version was, in fact, all new, and the FX got the same treatment one year later. So that means the frame is new and much more rigid.

The engine was completely reworked with massive buckets in a new head. It also got an integrated electric starter system. The previous FX had electric start, as well, but it was sort of an afterthought, grafted onto an existing design.

Just like the motocross version, you can hook up to the bike with any smartphone and retune the mapping quickly and easily. The FX is a racer, and is imported as a closed-course, competition bike. The features that set the FX apart from the full moto version are softer suspension, a six-speed gearbox and different mapping with a mild map that can be selected from a handlebar switch. It also has an inch rear wheel, Dunlop AT81 tires, and off-road-specific clutch, an O-ring chain, a kickstand and a larger 2.

The new MX bike has a smaller tank, so Yamaha deemed it necessary to made an off-road-specific fuel tank. It should be about the same weight as the motocross bike pounds without fuel plus the weight of a kickstand and whatever difference the six-speed makes.

The last YZFX that we had in our shop was two years ago, and it was pounds. Thinking back, we loved that bike, but we did have a few complaints. That created a problem with the gear ratios in the six-speed. This bike is different. That happened to the motocross bike when it got the same modifications, but that bike still has more bottom end than any of the other four-strokes.

The same is true here. It has enough torque to allow fast trail-riding without high revs. The clutch is the best of all the Japanese bikes, and it can take some abuse despite having a super light pull.

Usually, I will take a small-bore two-stroke hands-down over a F, but not this time.Today, there are more new two-strokes available than there have been in a decade. Yamaha simply took the existing YZ and made a handful of changes. To change the power delivery, Yamaha changed the port timing and power-valve shape, reduced the compression ratio from 8. In the gearbox, the top three gear ratios are taller, while final gearing is lower.

There are also changes in the shift mechanism and lighter clutch springs. It has a reserve position on the petcock, and for it got a larger front brake rotor. It probably would have been easier to design a whole new motor than retrofit a starter to one that was designed more than 15 years ago. The fuel tank is unchanged and holds 2. With that tank empty, the bike weighs pounds. InYamaha updated the appearance of its two-strokes with new bodywork, and that look is passed on to the X.

The Yamaha came out on top. It had a much better power delivery for the trail, cleaner jetting and better suspension for anywhere. The XC-W has a wider spread of gear ratios in its six-speed transmission than the more race-oriented XC version, but the most obvious difference between the two models is in the suspension department.

The new motor was designed with weight reduction in mind. It weighs pounds without fuel. KTM equips its W line of bikes very thoroughly for off-road riding. It has a headlight, an odometer, handguards, a 2. Another big bonus that all KTMs have is a hydraulic clutch. Yes, the KTM has a clear advantage going in.

Moving on, the two bikes are very closely matched. You can take either of these two bikes down to a crawl without stalling, then open the throttle and have them spring to life. More relevantly, you can mess up in every way possible climbing a difficult rock pile; you can have your feet dangling, your weight off balance and your technique missing in action, but as long as you keep the throttle slightly open, either bike will keep chugging on and on.

You would have to have a trials bike to do any better. Of the two, the KTM is better equipped for those impossible rock piles for three reasons: First, it has a lower first gear. The KTM also has a much smoother motor. The counterbalancer not only eliminates vibration, but adds a little flywheel effect and makes the motor respond more controllably.

Now it seems like a shaky vintage bike by comparison. Both bikes have excellent clutches with light pulls, but hydraulic actuation deals with heat and rider abuse better. Yamaha still has a jetting advantage.U ntil now, KTM has enjoyed free rein in the world of off-road competition. That left KTM unchallenged to build high-performance hardware for off-road racing and hard-core riding.

Bikes like the XC-F have the latest technology and the best performance that the Austrian factory can muster wrapped in an off-road package. The YZFX is a focused racer with all the intensity of the YZF motocross bike, but it has electric start, a six-speed gearbox and off-road trappings.

2021 yz250x

The fact that KTM subdivided the cc four-stroke off-road market into these categories shows just how serious the company is about covering every angle in the dirt world. It has a larger fuel tank, an inch rear wheel, handguards, a kickstand and softer suspension.

That helps push the redline to an astonishing 14, rpm. It has an electric starter with no provision for a kick-start lever.

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The fuel injector is a Keihin system with a 44mm throttle body. It has a hydraulic system that works a coil-spring clutch one of the few KTMs not using the diaphragm spring clutch. For there were a number of changes, headlined by a reworking of the suspension.

The fork has a smaller axle. The rear shock is longer, and the linkage is altered. That last change more or less cancels out the longer shock, so the end result is unchanged suspension travel. The cylinder is angled rearward, and the head is turned around so that the intake is in front and the exhaust is in the rear. The idea is to centralize the heaviest parts of the bike and keep all the outboard areas nice and light.

The configuration also allows the intake tract to drop straight down from the throttle body and intake, which is located where the fuel tank usually sits. The fuel cell is more rearward, virtually in the center of the whole machine. You have to peel off a little piece of the seat to get access to the gas cap.

The biggest changes between the motocross bike and the new FX are the addition of a sixth gear and an electric starter. KTM, of course, started off with an MX bike that already had both, making less work for itself.

Yamaha elected to keep its kick-start lever and tolerate a few extra pounds. We swapped black boxes between the two models, and not only did the electric starter become inoperable, but the whole battery went dead overnight. The bike ran well, but only for a while.

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Lesson learned. Other changes between the two Yamaha s include different fuel mapping and a different muffler. The FX is slightly quieter. The fuel capacity is 2 gallons on both. These two bikes have another story to tell.

The YZFX weighs pounds without fuel. The KTM weighs pounds. With a 2. Both bikes have oversize handlebars and no-tool air-filter access. If you want an off-road sticker in a state that cares about such things, both companies have other models specifically for that. The bikes in this contest are racers and not especially quiet.

They both pass a 2-meter max sound test easily, but in the real world the KTM is a little louder simply because it revs higher.Yamaha is in the position of offering two completely different cc off-road bikes for the same purpose. The YZFX four-stroke is based on the previous generation of YZF motocross bikes but with electric start, a six-speed gearbox and off-road paraphernalia. The YZX is also based on an older MX bike—a much older MX bike—and it has a wide-ratio five-speed gearbox, a re-tuned power delivery and the same off-road fluff.

So, once again, we get to ask the eternal question: which is better, four-stroke or two-stroke?

2021 Yamaha Motorcycle Guide

The MX bike was on top of its game at the time. In the motocross world, the YZ had won pretty much every shootout since it got the rearward-tilted cylinder and fuel injection. It got a sixth gear added to the gearbox and electric start. Remember, inelectric-start motocrossers were not the norm. Yamaha also gave the FX softer suspension, an easier clutch pull, a different power delivery, a kickstand and an inch rear wheel.

The bike was not burdened with EPA noise or emission equipment. It was no quieter than the motocross bike, and it did not have a spark arrestor. To fill that void, Yamaha released the WRF. The next year, Yamaha shaved off a little weight by removing the kickstarter. The YZ would start with the button only, although there was a theory that riders could buy the kickstarter, shaft and gears to restore the kickstarter as a backup.

2020 Yamaha YZ250X Guide

In the real world, very few riders did that. That brings us to the model, which has no changes. It still weighs pounds without fuel.

But, the bike seems a little more dated because of the release of an all-new YZF motocross bike. The new MXer was designed from the outset with electric start and is much lighter than the FX as a result.

Will riders be drawn to the MX bike for off-road use? Maybe, but the gas tank capacity is much smaller. We embraced the coming of four-strokes until we realized that they cut deeply into the sales of the bikes that we held dear. The Yamaha YZ was the best of those, anyway, so if we only got to keep one Japanese two-strokeit was the right one. The YZ got minor, sporadic updates for 10 years, but you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a model and a later one.

Then the X arrived inand the stubborn two-stroke lovers within Yamaha chalked up a big victory. Even so, Yamaha was very careful not to invest in much new tooling for the bike. A mold for a larger fuel tank was rejected. Instead, the bike got a wide-ratio gearbox because Yamaha was able to re-purpose some existing part numbers. Several of the gears were straight out of a YZF. An electric start would have been nice, but that was just fantasy.I think its a fairly safe assumption to say that there are those out there that would love a Japanese cc two stroke!

After looking what 2-strokes are available in the current Enduro Market, anyone can see that the European brands are dominating, and the Japanese brands are well…. Out of the top 4, Yamaha is the only one that has stayed true to making larger capacity two strokes, and their YZ has had a fair few decades of refinement, making it a great piece of machinery. Obviously we are all stoked to see this introduction into the range, however I feel that there is still a gap that needs to be filled.

Therefore, I think that there is great opportunity for building a cc electric-start Enduro Model.

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With the capabilities of both off-road and street-legal approval, this bike could sport a wide-ratio box, as well as a variety of parts from the WR Range, such as the 18 inch rear wheel and lighting.

The beauty of being a Graphic Designer is that you often have the ability to propose a concept without the need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours building it! In this case, the concept involves mixing different elements of a YZ with a WRF, as well as some extra customization. With any luck, Yamaha might notice this and bring it into production, and who knows, a direct injection model could be around the corner!

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2021 yz250x

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2021 yz250x

The YZX is a lightweight, compact machine that is both exciting to ride and affordable to own and maintain. The engineers modified the cylinder head, adjusted the compression ratio, revised the exhaust port timing and changed the gear ratios in the 5-speed transmission to better suit cross country racing vs.

The YZX engine offers a good depth of power with an easy-to-use engine character. THE EXTRAS Cross-country-focused chassis features include softer suspension settings front and rear, an inch rear wheel for more puncture resistance, an aluminum side stand and a fuel petcock that offers a reserve position for peace of mind vs. Your Way. Engine Type cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted Bore x Stroke It does not include the weight of options or accessories.

Wet weight is useful in making real-world comparisons with other models. Team Suzuki Press Office — July The times World Champions […]. On his epic summer adventure and his family recently visited the URAL factory in Irbit to see where his Ural was born.

Unknown to him URAL had arranged for his bike to get a full […]. News Ticker. YZ slight increase in volume Vs. YZ 7. YZ … see spec sheet Heavy-duty, multi-plate clutch.

Clutch spring load is reduced for easier clutch lever pull Vs. YZ less fatigue quick-access, outer clutch cover allows for fast, easy clutch maintenance CD capacitor discharge ignition system. Front wheel travel is mm Lightweight, Sun Star rear sprocket.

2021 yz250x

Lightweight, D. Large, 8 litre plastic resin fuel tank. About Michael Le Pard Articles. Owner and Founder of Total Motorcycle. Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years.

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